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Comic Tragedy


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One moment Mark Twain is dead in his grave, the next he's resurrected in a fresh white suit, chilling in a mountain lodge in a small town he doesn't recognize, surrounded by eleven other geniuses he never liked.

Oh, and Satan just walked in the door.


He says the group has been tasked with figuring out the secret purpose of life. If they don't find the correct answer in the next three days, Satan's wife (God) shall annihilate the entire human race. The author refuses to play along. Instead, he discovers true love for the first time with a pretty young barista across the street. Satan launches an escalating series of catastrophes upon the town, yet Twain remains unmoved by humanity's plight - until his beloved is captured by a town mob eager for a witch-burning. As time ticks down to the final hour, Twain must choose to humor a God he never believed in, or to trust in the Devil's trickery

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Fifteen-year-old Max lives in a trailer park. He would love the chance to wreak revenge on each of his bullies, but he’s skinny and has gotten used to suffering. Hell, he barely has a real friend.


He does seem to have one true believer, though. He often hears her whispering, “Only I can help you, Max. Don’t trust them, Max. Let me out!” Sometimes he tries to block out her voice, but he isn’t even sure where it comes from. Will her influence turn Max into a twisted vigilante? What if he’s the reason that people are vanishing in his small Florida town? Seems the whisperer has bust out of her cell and is now roaming the streets . . . in Max’s body.

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Middle Grade Fantasy 

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Saleena Sanchez is a teenage witch who doesn't know any spells. She doesn’t like adventures either, so imagine her terror when she is kidnapped from the home of her protector, Michael Mason, by two evil Masters. The horsemen haul her off in a prison wagon, along with a handful of boys, to a desert mine manned by other abducted orphans.


The cavalry of overlords, meanwhile, are desperate to locate a totem of theirs that's gone missing - a notorious crown whose dark magic has bound many in slavery throughout time. The feisty Saleena must convince her new mates that, with their help, she will find the crown first - and destroy it! Michael's capture, however, presents her with an unthinkable dilemma: will she have to return the cursed crown to the evil ones so that her beloved protector's life can be spared?

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