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Preston Copeland edited my book-length manuscript, “The Reluctant RV Wife,” in early 2018. I submitted the edited version to the Florida Writer Association’s (FWA) annual Royal Palms Literary Awards (RPLA) Contest in April, 2018. FWA announced winners of the RPLA Contest at its annual conference in October. Imagine my surprise to come in second place in the RPLS’s Book-length, Unpublished, Nonfiction/Memoir Category!

While at the FWA Conference, I pitched my manuscript and landed a traditional book contract with Brown Posey Press, the literary fiction and creative nonfiction imprint of Sunbury Press Publishers. Brown Posey Press released The Reluctant RV Wife on August 5, 2019. Within three days, my book became a #1 New Release in Senior Travel Guides. The book soon appeared on the Amazon Best Seller list in Senior Travel Guides, Travel Humor, and Family Travel Guides.

I could never have brought my manuscript to this award-winning, traditional-publishing status by myself. Preston did a wonderful job editing my work and helping to make my dream of becoming an author come true. I would highly, unequivocally recommend his services. Preston successfully brought me to the dance, and I am happy to sing his praises.



I helped Eli Gonzalez in the editorial process of his fantastic business book Words of Influence. Eli is a best-selling ghostwriter, author, and CEO of The Ghost Publishing. It was an honor for Eli to trust my judgement in the editorial process of his book. 

"I've had the pleasure of working with Preston on several of my short stories. His critiques are both encouraging and comprehensive. He has greatly helped me improve my writing, and one of my short stories that he edited was selected for an honorable mention in Writer's Digest (out of 1,000+ stories). You can't go wrong working with Preston. I highly recommend him!"

Author Caleb Stephens, CPA

"I chose Preston to edit my first book-length manuscript. As a new writer, I felt anxious about subjecting my work to an editor’s critiquing red ink. Now that the tedious editing job is over, I am thrilled with both the process and the product. I found Preston to be consistently professional, supportive, and excellent with his recommendations. More importantly, I believe my writing has improved by watching him tackle my work. I would highly recommend his services."
Alice A. Eden, author

Mantic Care Solutions, LLC

I have provided my technical services to the start-up company, Mantis Care Solutions, for over 2 years. I partake in data testing analysis, create and help develop their technical user guide, and produce the sales recorded pitch system, which teaches about the benefits of Mantis Care Solutions.

Blogging for Business

"Preston has been apart of our Writer's Group for 6 years. During that time, he's offered valuable critiques to mine, and other author's work. It has been a joy having him in our group."

Author, Chrissy Jameson

"Preston has helped offer valuable critiques to my new book, 'Why your Women are Leaving You for me'. He helped soldify that my story was clear, concise, and ready to publish."

Author, Lil Barkaski

Founder James Ramos started in construction with his family business at a young age. James led a 20-year career managing billion-dollar brands under companies such as General Mills, Unilever and PepsiCo. Despite his success in corporate America, James—the youngest of five brothers—felt compelled to return to his family’s real estate and construction roots. 


I edited James's riveting new real estate book, Move With Me.


Richard is a Senior Vice President for a global investment management company. He facilitates the Ten Priority Workshops around the world, providing personal coaching to many individuals all with tremendous success.

Working with the Ghost Publishing, I helped Richard to cultivate his trans-formative ideas about "The Ten Priorities", by ghostwriting, editing, and bring his Live Big book to life!

Fredrica Nixon-Strusa was born in Connecticut and began writing poems, short stories, and a fashion column at the age of 15. 

​While working with The Ghost Publishing, I helped Fredrica with the editorial process to help share her powerful and touching memoir, Dream Interrupted: A True Story of Love and Deception.

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