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How thinking like a Writer can Teach you How to Live a Better Life!

Think like a writer!

You may stink at it. You may be great at it. But did you ever stop and ask, “How the hell can thinking like a writer help me to live a better life?

By paying attention to it—that’s how.

“But aren’t writers crazy, Preston? I don’t want to be crazy, Preston.”

“Trust me, being crazy can be fun, but ok, you won’t have to be crazy to think like a writer, dear reader.”

But you should learn how to pay attention to your actions like writers pay attention to words. That’s what writers do. We pay attention to our words, at least we should….

Even if you’re not a full-time writer, you should still pay attention to the letters you write or read. You don’t want to drive through a traffic sign that says, “Nop!” Get hospitalized, and then realize it actually said, “Stop.”

Take Note like a Writer!

Think about it. You narrate your life every day, but do you ever have any personal life editors around?

If you do, you’re lucky. You know the people who remind you of how little you know. The right foods to eat. The right guys or girls to date. The right way to narrate your actions. Reasons for living. :)

You know Mr. Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of physics states that, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Each word in a paper, a story, a tale, contains a purpose in the story the same way an action creates a purpose in your life. Each action you choose alters everything you do, every second of the day. You must learn how to be aware of each second and narrate your present moment like a story.

"But why, Preston?"

"Because your life is a story—literally, dude."

If you don't have thick skin, taking criticism can be rough. But you're thinking like a writer now, so toughen up!

Writer’s need criticism, and so do you. Remember, you’re narrating a story each day you take a breath of fresh air. That means, you need to learn how to be aware and pay attention to each of your smart and not-so-smart decisions. Learn how to question occurrences like a writer and learn how to think like a self-editor.

By doing so, you’ll become more self-aware of your motives and actions. That will lead to better choices, and better choices will lead to a better life.

I hope you enjoyed today's Blog!

Check out my middle grade novel, Saleena Sanchez & The Cursed Crown on my Book Page!


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