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An Interview with Alice A. Eden about her new book, Ms. Baden’s Bottom Line…

Alice and I sat down in different geographical locations for this interview that I’ve been patiently waiting for, and luckily, she had some spare time to tell me about her new book, Mrs. Baden’s Bottom Line. Now, I don’t usually read erotica, but I did read Alice’s book, and I must say it’s far different (in a good way) than I expected.

How did you come across these two characters, Andrew Spires and Sarah Baden?

What makes a perfect partner? How about someone totally and completely dedicated to one’s happiness and satisfaction. I wanted to tap into that universal fantasy of finding the perfect mate, and an erotic love story seemed like an ideal venue. Andrew starts off as somewhat of a manipulator but, through a loving relationship with Sarah, becomes a sensitive soulmate. Since I wanted a story that would also appeal to men, I created Ms. Baden as initially malleable, but also beautiful, bright, and ever so responsive. Both characters grow in the story, each becoming a superhero of sorts by the end. I hope that every reader might say at the conclusion, “Wow! Wish I could find a lover like that.”

What inspired you to write an erotic novel?

I wrote this book for FUN! I’d never written erotica, only deep, heavy, anguished personal stories. I decided it was time to lighten up and have a little fun with the writing.

Does writing pump you up, or drain you?

Writing energizes me to the max. When I’m in the middle of a manuscript, I wake up at all hours of the night thinking about the story. It’s not unusual for me to get up and write from 3 a.m. to 6 a.m., then go back to sleep for a few hours.

What are your thoughts on writer’s block?

I believe writing is primarily discipline and hard work. If one sits down in the same place at about the same time every day, writing becomes a conditioned response. It took a while for this to ring true for me, but eventually it did. I’ve learned to screen out the distractions and focus only on the story I’m trying to tell.

What keeps you from writing?

My husband does not understand my need to write. If left to my own devices, I’d spend more time each day writing than what I do. However, I know that balance is important. Besides which, my husband’s requests for my time are probably saving my vision! Computer screens are tough on the eyes.

Do emotions play a strong role in your writing? Why do you think that is?

Successful writers make emotional connections with their readers. To do this, the writer must tap into a common need. In Ms. Baden’s Bottom Line, I wanted the reader to unconsciously identify with that desire to be unconditionally loved and adored. The erotica was simply the vehicle that moved the love story along. That said, however, I’d hope readers might also connect to the erotica, if only out of curiosity.

What has made you a better writer?

Many years of hard, hard work. And lots of revisions. I have a Document’s folder on my laptop filled with dreadful pieces of writing. But I keep trying. Gradually, through critique groups, workshops, and classes, I’ve gotten better at the craft.

What does literary success look like to you?

Huh? I only wish. If it ever comes, it’ll be a speaking tour that includes huge auditoriums filled with devoted fans. Wouldn’t mind a few Barnes & Noble book signings either.

Do you hide any secrets in your book that only a few people will find?

I like to view Ms. Baden’s Bottom Line as a feminist sexual manifesto. Too often, women are both viewed and think of themselves as sexual objects. I’d like to think that women might identify with Sarah’s strength and take charge, not only of their sexuality, but also of their lives. And, I’d like for men to see that strong women enhance, rather than diminish their machismo.

What’s one piece of advice you would tell fellow authors?

Develop discipline.


Alice A. Eden wants to empower others to explore, experiment, and have fun, regardless of the direction their passions might take them. She had a 40-year career in a respected, mainstream profession. Her colleagues, friends, and neighbors would be surprised to learn that she has written a book with such graphic, wanton, and hedonistic depictions of sexual antics. In fact, they’d have trouble believing Alice even knew about such things—she’s just too sweet and naïve. Alice currently lives in Tampa, Florida with her husband. One day perhaps she’ll have to courage to own this book and reveal her true identity. :)

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