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Why Travel to the City of New Orleans?

I came to the awesome city of New Orleans for the first time.

Yeah, that guy above is my boy, Winston Churchhill. He was in the city, too.

Once I got to the NOLA, I thought, How come it took me so long to visit New Orleans, Louisiana?

I mean, I live near Tampa, Florida. It’s not a very far or expensive flight. Here’s the thing, if you have the opportunity--get off of your butt and travel, man!

It’s worth the sacrifice. Trust me. Netflix shows and your same town is going nowhere. It will be there when you return, but you only have one life to lead, as the cliché goes.

If you can, try and save a little money. I know everyone has different schedules and are going through different things: little babies, bills, drama, work, and on and on the list goes...

But if you can, take a weekend to travel somewhere different, even if it’s only an hour away. As human beings, we need new experiences. They are one of the sources of the vitality of life. Too often, we convince ourselves to stay comfortable, complacent, and safe.

Safety, my friend, is the catalyst for death. Not that you’d literally die. But, you will be alive and not really living. That’s an important distinction.

Everything in our lives is constantly pushing us toward complacency, toward safety, and that’s okay, if you are just happy with being complacent. Yet, traveling, is a way of breathing and crushing that complacency. It's a way of seeing the world in a new shadow. A way of seeing the same shape with a different perception.

I went down the Mississippi River because it was my dream to do so.

The American Flag was waving in the wind, awakening my consciousness out of the sleep we often fall heavily into. The waves brushing off the shoreline, the old colonial plantation house on the distant plain, reminding me of our past, wondering what we will have in store for our future.

Along the Mississippi River, I could almost hear the whispers of dead slaves, old pirates, statesmen, farmers, politicians, all fighting joined together as Americans on the mounds just off the River’s tidal tug. I could hear the Brits roaring in the distance, approaching with ships and naval powers, in which the world has rarely seen and our rag-tag colonial army believing that we could beat them.


United we stand. Divided we fall. The expression is a real testament to our fortitude as a nation. I have seen it with my own eyes. I have heard the tales. Remembered the past. Prayed for our future.


It signals to us, that we can learn and move forward as a wiser nation, if we remember. If we persist. If we open our minds from the quiet slumber of stagnant decline that our bodily members so often entice us.

Wake up.

Hear the alarm. Move out of the covers into the cold and get warm. Wipe the crust out of your eyes. Look at the mirror. Are you there? Can you see the reflection? Be proud of yourself. You have now taken a chance. Enlarged your faith. And awoken your consciousness, a bit.

It’s like the music in the streets of New Orleans. Can you hear it? It moves the winds like a Tiger howling hollow air in search for it’s lost children.

You can move, too. Move those legs. Listen to your heart. Have faith. Check out a place. A place close, or if you’re braver, a place farther away in a distant, ancient land. Be an explorer, if only for a day. Break out of the contemporary cages of supposed freedom.

Trust me, I know I’m rambling and I will ramble more, if you don't get off your butt. 😊

Check out this plantation house.

This place is out there with a story behind it. You may have a different vision. Can you see it? I know you can. You may have buried it, but I know it calls your heart at night and in the day and on your way to work.

Make a plan to visit, there. To trust in the unknown and actually breathe. Remember, safety is the illusion of happiness and the downfall of the soul. Now, without to much of these aphroisms and mumbo jumbo, just get the hell out of town for a weekend and let loose, man.

As my man Jay-Z says, “Life is for living, not living uptight, until we’re somewhere in the sky.”

I hope this blog kicks you in the butt and you go have some fun!

Peace & Love,

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