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Where should we place our Energies?

Man, we do have energy, don’t we?

But how much, and for how long?

A person only has so much time on Earth, unless of course, scientists continue to manipulate the mammalian gene, and that teaches us humans how to live a little longer. Still, my friend, time is not long for us creatures in shoes.

So, how do we use our energies? Are we even consciously aware of our powers? You have powers, my friend, plenty of them.

However, you are not perfect and neither am I, and sometimes our energies shoot off in the wrong way.

When our bullets go astray, we have time to reflect with a question like, "What kind of person do I want to be?"

You must remember that it is your energies that shape what kind of person you will become. I will tell you something that I don’t think most people think about. That is... that your energies come from how you think, as much as, or probably more than sipping on an energy drink, or slurping down a morning coffee.

Oh, you don’t believe me. That’s okay.

But check out your feelings the next time you get into an argument with your spouse. You may feel like crap, at least after you found out you were wrong in your argument. Then, there’s that little thing called an 'apology'. Yeah, that thing.

The thought of apologizing is so terrible that you ask your buddy if he'll go on a hike with you to chat. Then you say, "Hey, bud, should I apologize?"

He says, "Were you wrong?"

You say emphatically, "No."

He says emphatically, "Then, apologize."

You say, "But, Jim, she..."

He cuts you off. Now you understand your role in this world.

It’s hard to apologize if you believe you were right. And you were, weren’t you? Of course, we are always right, until we begin to think about things.

So, think about things first, before you argue with your spouse. You may save a lot of energy. Heck, you may save your relationship. This energy kind of methodology applies to anywhere. I'm only using your spouse as an example.

Have you ever had an argument with your spouse that lasted for days? It usually affects your whole being for days, maybe weeks, maybe months. Wow… how much time is that, man? That’s a lot of time, and a lot of energy, wasted...

Hell, a lot of people like wasting energy. They like causing drama. It’s fun to them.... But if it’s not fun for you, and you don’t like wasting time on drama, then consider pausing, breathing, and reflecting when your spouse, or anyone for that matter, insults you.

Maybe, say to yourself, "Why did they insult me? I thought we were friends. Maybe they were mad."

But more importantly as to why they insulted you, is how you’ll react to it.

Life’s tough, man, but a couple of wise decisions can save yourself a lot of energy. Did you ever think about how good... good energy feels? But why is there so much bad energy? We know why, because we are in the world.

But you can be an agent for change. Change in your own life, that is. Just by looking at your own energies, and saying, “Why did I do that? How can I not do that again? I didn’t like how that made me feel. I didn’t like how I made them feel.”

Of course, we work through this process naturally after all of our mistakes. But if we are aware earlier in the process, these kinds of thoughts can save us a lot of energy, and perhaps a lot of heartache.

You know what is amazing is that we are all a part of a big organism, a big network, even without the internet. We all play a part, whether by choice or by determinism, is another matter, but so far, I believe we have a choice.

A choice to help our fellow man, or a choice to hurt our fellow man. Maybe, even a choice to take the time to understand how our energies play a role in this circus.

Are you a lion? Are you a monkey? Are you the elephant? Or, perhaps you think you are the Cage Master. We all can’t be the same, you know, but as you know, we each believe we know more than everybody else, of course.

So the next time you want to make a choice to use your precious energy; take a moment to pause, take a breath, and think, "Is it really worth my time, or energy?"

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choices we make.

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